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  • Why 1C:Pidpriyemstvo and BAS are hosted remotely?

    More and more, cloud technology is coming into our lives. They are also widely used in business. In particular, 1C:Pidpriyemstvo and BAS are often placed remotely, why? In this article we will find an answer to this question. 

    1C:Pidpriyemstvo and BAS – automation systems business. With their help accounting and management problems in the enterprise are solved. Using these software products you increase the controllability and productivity. The system is introduced these lines at the enterprises in different spheres of activity. Therefore, it is very important that they work properly and that the data is reliably protected.

    By hosting 1C:Enterprise and BAS remotely you solve these two problems. Server capacity ensures stable operation of the software. Security tools allow you to safely store information without having to worry about viruses or hacks. Also, this way of using systems makes it possible to constantly work with up-to-date versions of configurations. That allows you to avoid unexpected costs.

    Advantages of placing 1C:Enterprise and BAS remotely

    When program data is in the cloud, 24/7 access is possible from anywhere in the world. Employees can generate reports, pay bills, do accounting and tax accounting regardless of their location. Thus, the speed of problem solving and the productivity of the activity as a whole grows.

    Also it does not matter what device you use. Deployment of 1C:Pidpriyemstvo and BAS remotely allows you to work from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This increases the convenience of working with the software. At the right time you open what you have at hand and perform the required operation.

    Controllability of activities is increased. The manager can track the work of the employees with the documents. Which allows you to quickly analyze the situation and make the best managerial decisions. Again, you can monitor the activity at any time from anywhere in the world. 

    An important aspect in the work is the relevance of the automation system. All operations need to be performed within the current legislation. To do this you need to ensure compliance with the program and the laws that change frequently. 1C:Pidpriyemstvo and BAS in the cloud are regularly updated. This option allows you to avoid penalties, because all operations are performed in accordance with the legal regulations of Ukraine. 

    The use of systems that are hosted remotely allows you to increase the security of data storage. Servers are reliably protected from viruses and hacking. Information is systematically backed up. That prevents the possibility of its loss. Another plus is that the files are in the cloud, not in the office. Therefore, in case of emergencies – thefts, fires, etc., your data will not be lost. 

    Why do 1C:Pidpriyemstvo and BAS are placed remotely?

    As a result, we can highlight the following advantages of these systems in the cloud:

    • High security;
    • Round-the-clock access from anywhere in the world;
    • Convenience – you can work from any device;
    • Control of activities;
      Systematic copying of data;
    • Regular updates of configurations.

    By placing programs remotely you also increase productivity. 

    If you are interested in 1C: Enterprise and BAS remotely, please contact our specialists. We are happy to answer your questions!

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