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    What is Hosting and Server

    To understand why hosting services are needed, we first understand what a server is. A server is a powerful computer that processes enormous amounts of data, is much faster than a conventional computer, and stores files of various sizes.

    Hosting is a service that consists in renting a place to store data and processing it on a server. You can set up hosting yourself. But in this case, the computer that is used for this purpose must be constantly turned on. You yourself will need to monitor the load and power surge. There are companies that specialize in hosting services. They are called hosting providers or hosters. These organizations provide round-the-clock operation of servers.

    Why do you need hosting services?


    It is necessary that access to the programs on the server is around the clock, and the files also need to be changed from time to time, they must be available for management. To make this possible, hosting is used. Organizations that provide this service provide customers with special access, which allows you to perform all the necessary operations on the server at any time.


    Improved operation of all programs installed on the server for business automation and accounting. If many people work in the programs you use, hosting services allow everyone who has access to work comfortably, without freezes and long downloads. The service allows you to store and exchange data with maximum protection against fraudsters.


    This service will also be useful for various applications. Access to the server is provided around the clock, user information and necessary files are stored. The service makes it possible to use the power of servers for the smooth operation and optimization of any program. Allows you to increase the security of data storage. Each user has different needs and tasks.

    Our advantages

    Secure storage of information data

    For us, the preservation and protection of your information is in the first place. Therefore, A4 specialists take all necessary steps to ensure the security of your data.

    Regular backups

    This option avoids the loss of information. A4 employees regularly back up files to avoid information loss

    Working with current automation systems

    The software products are regularly updated, so you do not need to monitor the relevance of the configurations. You always work with the required software

    Quick Troubleshooting

    Our specialists promptly respond to server failures and minimize their number

    Work from anywhere in the world and at any time

    Hosting A4 provides access to data regardless of your location and time of day. You can perform the necessary operation at any time

    Saving money and time

    You do not need to organize a separate room for servers, and there is no need to hire a system administrator

    Why choose A4 hosting services?

    Our company has been on the market since 1997. During this time we have implemented many projects of varying complexity. Each of which gave us invaluable experience and knowledge. The A4 team of specialists are professionals who know their business. All our work is aimed at the prosperity and productivity of your business.

    Professionalism is ensured by the desire of our employees to constantly improve and develop. Specialists regularly learn new things, which allows them to complete tasks faster and better. Therefore, you can be sure that the data is securely protected, and access to them is around the clock.

    Hosting A4 ensures the security of information. Our servers are protected from viruses and hacks. You get a tool that will allow you not only to store files, but also to improve your activity in general. A4 specialists provide access to data 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. Thus, your employees can quickly solve problems. Using our service, you can choose where to store the data. We provide server rental in Ukraine and Europe. This allows you to choose the best option for your company.

    By choosing the A4 group of companies, you get a reliable and high-quality service. We will provide you with the necessary resources to meet the needs of the organization. All data will be securely protected and available at any convenient time. Thus, you can fully concentrate on the development of your business. Our hosting is a high quality service at a reasonable price.

    We know what your business needs

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