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    The future is closely related to technology, because progress does not stand still. Specialists constantly create components more powerful than the previous ones. There is a “big race of technology”. In step with this race, programs are constantly evolving to provide the highest level of performance. With this, the risks also increase. The more complex and modern the system, the more problems and vulnerabilities it has. Hackers want to take advantage of this weakness – those who specifically find them. The problem of hacking will be relevant as long as the human factor exists. Mistakes are common to any person: downloading files from the Internet together with viruses, not knowing how to work with the program, saving passwords in untrusted places, etc.

    There are various oversights, some of them can lead to serious consequences: Deletion of important information; Entering incorrect data; Important files have been taken over by hackers. It is necessary to minimize the number of such errors. A4 offers you a solution to this problem.

    What additional A4 services are available?

    Service «Backup»

    This service allows you to safely store your files. For this, separate secure servers are used. With the help of the service, you can work calmly and not worry about the integrity of the information. If an employee “accidentally” deletes everything or uploads a virus into the system, then our specialists will be able to restore the data in a short time. Thus, the loss of time is minimal. Work will quickly resume and staff will be able to perform the necessary file operations. Loss of time - loss of profit. Using our service you minimize the negative consequences of mistakes. Productivity will quickly recover and begin to rise.

    Service «System Administrator»

    Using the service, you can protect yourself as much as possible from various problems related to the functioning of programs, servers, etc. Another advantage of the service is the ability to save money. You get the resources you need to work while spending less. There is no need to have a separate position of a system administrator in your staff, to allocate a separate office, etc. Our specialist will always be in touch with you. He will install all the necessary software and configure it. In the future, the system administrator monitors security, stability and updates.

    Our tariff packages


    Servers in Ukraine/month

    Servers in Europe/month


    12 €

    15 €


    18 €

    21 €

    System Administrator

    18 €

    18 €

    Additional services from A4 - profitable and reliable

    You will be able to safely store data, quickly restore them in case of loss. You can also avoid unnecessary expenses. Thus, you will direct more of your energy, funds and resources to the development of your business. The activity will be more productive and profitable. Use our service and prosper.

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