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    It is important for any company to manage its IT infrastructure well. Technology is penetrating more and more into various areas of our lives. Business is no exception. Businesses automate many processes and store large amounts of data. All this is possible thanks to technology – software, applications, servers, equipment, etc. They have to function smoothly and uninterruptedly. If there are problems in operation, they need to be quickly eliminated. Because loss of time negatively affects the productivity of activities. IT infrastructure management can be carried out by an internal enterprise department or you can use the services of specialized companies in this field. We provide this service. Using it you will improve the organization of activities and IT project management efficiency. At the same time you will be able to save money. 

    IT infrastructure management from A4


    We provide reliable servers and quality service. Your data, software, applications will be protected. Also, you will be able to differentiate access rights for your employees according to their duties and positions. A4 specialists constantly monitor the operability of the storage facilities, in case of any problems they solve them within a short period of time.


    Work resumes quickly and productivity continues to grow. Data is regularly backed up, which means data loss is prevented. Even if a virus infiltrates, our specialists will restore the necessary files in a short time.

    Quick Performance

    IT project management becomes more efficient, because all information is quickly available and each employee can perform the necessary operations at any time. Communication between employees is simplified, allowing for faster and better execution of tasks.


    It is necessary to monitor the status of the software. For example, if you use automation systems 1C:Pidpriyemstvo and BAS, they must be up to date and work without problems. Sometimes, due to their complexity and multifunctionality, various failures may occur. A4 specialists keep an eye on this and solve problems immediately.

    Our employees also monitor configuration updates. You are always working with up-to-date software. This has a favorable effect on the productivity of activities. It allows you to minimize the risk of unforeseen costs, as regulations are complied with. Properly configured software also improves IT project management. 

    IT infrastructure management from A4 - a reliable solution

    At the initial stage, it is important to analyze the state of the IT management system. We identify problems and plan what actions need to be taken to optimize it. It is necessary to promptly respond to the requests of the organization employees about the failures and also promptly eliminate them. 

    The advantages of A4 service:

    • Increases the productivity of activities;
    • IT infrastructure maintenance costs;
    • Increases data storage security;
    • Simplifies the work of staff;
    • Constant monitoring of systems;
    • Quicker troubleshooting of failures;
    • IT project management is improved.

    By choosing us, you choose professionals and quality service. Work with A4 and develop your business.

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