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    The number of enterprises that use a virtual office is constantly growing. The explanation for this fact is very simple. The service allows you to ensure reliable storage of information, quick access to it and to the workplace, as well as reduce financial costs. A virtual office makes it possible to organize the IT structure of a business. At the same time, enterprises of different sizes can use this method. To implement this method, a virtual server is used. This is where all the files are stored. This prevents them from being lost, stolen, or physically damaged.

    What are the benefits of a virtual office?

    With the help of the service, the coordinated work of the company’s branches is organized. However, their location is irrelevant. They are combined by the system, which allows you to quickly analyze the current situation and coordinate the work of employees. Also, the office in the cloud functions regardless of the location of the servers. In Ukraine or in Europe, our specialists support their performance.


    Increased security of information storage. The cloud server cannot burn down, be stolen or broken. Therefore, various negative physical impacts - fires, accidents, etc., cannot harm your data.


    Opportunity to reduce costs. No need to buy expensive computers and servers.


    To access the workplace and documents, only the Internet is needed. No matter where the employee is located, he can perform tasks from anywhere in the world. Agree, it is convenient to work when and where you need it and when you need it.


    Using a virtual server, there is no need to learn new applications. Employees work with the same programs.

    Using our service, you can work from any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC. The device does not matter, the virtual office is available anytime and anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Under current conditions, mobile Internet can also be used. Now operators provide customers with sufficient resources and speed. This greatly increases the convenience and productivity of work. At any time, employees can view the necessary documents, files, and complete tasks. Faster response to changes in the workflow. The staff quickly learns about the innovations and changes the ways of solving problems to the required ones.

    The virtual server is securely encrypted. This ensures the safety and confidentiality of information. You can not worry about data security, but direct more resources to achieve goals and develop the enterprise. Through the service, you can reduce financial costs. No need to create a room for storing servers and monitoring their status. Using our cloud server you get rid of the need to buy expensive equipment and pay for the relevant specialists.

    Our tariff packages





    in Ukraine

    in Europe

    OVO 1

    1 ядро

    100 Gb

    2 Gb

    10 €

    12 €

    OVO 2

    2 ядра

    100 Gb

    4 Gb

    21 €

    25 €

    OVO 3

    4 ядра

    100 Gb

    4 Gb

    24 €

    30 €

    OVO 4

    4 ядра

    150 Gb

    6 Gb

    30 €

    36 €

    OVO 5

    4 ядра

    150 Gb

    8 Gb

    36 €


    OVO 6

    6 ядер

    200 Gb

    10 Gb

    43 €

    49 €

    Virtual office from A4 - a way to optimize your business

    A team of our specialists will provide a reliable remote server. You will be able to use familiar software. Thus, it will not be necessary to spend additional money on retraining employees. This service allows you to get the necessary resources to speed up tasks and improve ease of use. Use an office in the cloud from A4 and grow your business.

    We know what your business needs

    A4-Hosting team of specialists will gladly do all the work for you. Trust your business to professionals!!

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