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    Company A4 provides desktop service in the cloud. Now many processes are carried out via the Internet, and it is available as never before. Therefore, we offer you this service for remote work. It is useful for companies of various types of commercial activities. Usually, in the office, each employee has his own computer where data is stored. In order for him to work with them, he needs this particular device. Therefore, if he is absent at work, access to files becomes problematic. Also, information may be lost due to various force majeure circumstances. For example, equipment breakdown, fire theft, etc. Remote work services help to avoid data loss and increase storage security. It becomes more convenient to perform various operations with them. As for the financial side, using the cloud desktop, you can minimize the cost of organizing the workflow.

    What is the benefit of having a desktop in the cloud?


    Let's start with the fact that information is available to an employee from any device, regardless of location. All files are transferred to the cloud, after which he clicks on a shortcut on his device to connect to the server. When it happens, the employee sees a remote desktop with the necessary data, applications, etc.


    Desktop in the cloud provides reliable data protection. Files are backed up systematically on the server, and the server itself cannot be hacked. Thus, you don't have to worry about the information getting to intruders. In case of dismissal of an employee, you block access to data for him, after which he cannot copy them and harm the enterprise.


    The service for remote work allows you to perform operations with documents even on the way to a meeting. This improves the quality and speed of activities, and adjustments can be made at any time. Which favorably affects the productivity of the staff, because the service allows you to perform more tasks.


    There is no need to buy expensive computers with high performance. Remote work services operate on conventional, inexpensive technology. Also, using the rental of cloud servers, you will not spend money on physical storage. It will not be necessary to allocate a separate room for a server room, to equip it. In this regard, there are no costs for support specialists.

    Thus, funds can be directed to business development. Most of the resources will be available to you for important tasks, and not for the server to function.

    Our tariff packages





    in Ukraine

    in Europe

    CD 1

    1 ядро

    100 Gb

    2 Gb

    10 €

    12 €

    CD 2

    2 ядра

    100 Gb

    4 Gb

    21 €

    25 €

    CD 3

    4 ядра

    100 Gb

    4 Gb

    24 €

    30 €

    CD 4

    4 ядра

    150 Gb

    6 Gb

    30 €

    36 €

    CD 5

    4 ядра

    150 Gb

    8 Gb

    36 €

    43 €

    CD 6

    6 ядер

    200 Gb

    10 Gb

    43 €

    49 €

    Desktop in the cloud from A4 - a profitable way to optimize your activities

    We can highlight the following advantages that remote work services provide:

    • Reliable data storage;
    • Backup;
    • The ability to work from any device, regardless of location;
    • Savings on expensive equipment;
    • Quick access to information;
    • Increasing the speed and productivity of activities.

    Use our service and grow your business.

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