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  • VPS / VDS Hosting services

    To ensure that the Internet resource has worked smoothly, was available around the clock it is advisable to use hosting. Our company provides VPS / VDS hosting services. With its help you can reliably store data, and access to it will be 24/7

    VPS Server rental in Ukraine

    VPS Server rental in the Czech Republic

    VPS Server rental in Germany

    Server for business programs

    Basic types of hosting

    Dedicated server

    Virtual hosting

    Cloud Server

    Virtual server


    The service allows you to get the necessary resources for business development. You are assured of the integrity of your information, so you concentrate on the tasks of the enterprise. VPS hosting enables you to perform more operations, because you can work with your data from anywhere in the world and at any time. Thus, the productivity of the activity increases.

    VPS/VDS hosting is a service which consists of providing a client with a virtual dedicated server. For the implementation of the service resources of the physical server is divided into several virtual servers. Thus you get the necessary facilities for the cost, which is less than the rent of physical servers. 

    Are VPS server and VDS server different?

    You can see or hear the information that VPS is a server where virtualization is performed at the software level, and VDS is a server where this process is performed at the hardware level. This is a misconception. In fact, it is the same kind, which means a virtual dedicated server. So, between VPS and VDS the difference is only in the name.

    VPS/VDS Hosting by A4


    This service from A4 is designed to meet the needs of your business. Our team of professionals performs all the necessary work for you to develop your business. A4 specialists are regularly trained and improve their knowledge level. Thus the speed and correctness of tasks is increased.


    VPS hosting provides you with the necessary resources to perform the required operations. The staff solves the tasks without worrying about the server capacity. If there are any problems in its work, the specialists of A4 promptly solve various failures.


    Using our services, you will be confident in the safe storage of data. VPS server is protected from viruses, prevented the possibility of access by third parties. Also, loss of information is excluded due to data backup. Our staff conducts this operation regularly.


    VPS hosting allows you to save money. When using the service, you do not need a separate room for servers. You do not need to equip it, allocate specialists, who will monitor the condition of the storage. You get access to virtual server and start working while the proper functioning is ensured by specialists of A4.


    By choosing our service you will get the following advantages:

    • Reliable data storage, protection from viruses and theft;
    • Rapid elimination of failures in the server;
    • Systematic data copying;
    • Ability to work with files regardless of location and time of day;
    • Cost savings, you do not need to form a server room and hire the appropriate experts;
    • Up-to-date automation systems are always used because the software is constantly updated.

    VPS/VDS hosting allows you to get the necessary resources for the task. Our service is quality for a reasonable price.

    We know what your business needs

    A4-Hosting team of specialists will gladly do all the work for you. Trust your business to professionals!!

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