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    It is difficult to imagine an office without computers. Like any piece of equipment, they require maintenance. Our company provides a service – PC administration. Using it, your computers will be in good condition. Equipment, software, Internet access – factors that directly affect the productivity of the activity. Constant breakdowns, failures in work make it difficult to complete tasks in a timely manner. This leads to a decrease in work efficiency and profit. Therefore, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to such a matter as PC administration. If you hire an incompetent employee, the work of the enterprise will be constantly interrupted. You will spend a lot of money without getting a positive result. In turn, the specialists of our company have the necessary knowledge and skills. This service allows you to get the necessary resources for productive work and at the same time save money.

    Our company provides a wide range of services:

    • Installation and configuration of software and computer hardware
    • Antivirus protection
    • Computer repair (replacement of components, restoration, modernization)
    • Computer optimization
    • Administration, repair and expansion of the local network
    • Server Administration

    Cooperation with us allows you to get the following benefits:

    • Availability of a qualified IT-specialist, ready at any time to fix the problem
    • Stable customer service for your equipment
    • Perform preventive maintenance and equipment diagnostics
    • Favorable pricing policy with a flexible system of discounts
    • Saving money on the maintenance of the IT department

    Our tariff packages


    Number of computers

    Cost per month


    1 to 3

    8 €

    Standard +

    4 to 10

    7 €


    11 to 20

    6 €


    21 and over

    5 €

    *The cost of this tariff is 24 euros per month and is calculated as for one, two or three PCs

    Why use the computer administration service?


    High-quality computer administration involves performing a large number of operations. It is necessary to systematically copy files, update software and operating system, maintain good technical condition, upgrade PC, etc.


    A4 specialists carry out work aimed at maintaining systems in good condition. Regardless of the complexity, any tasks for maintaining computers, installing and configuring software are performed. The service also provides diagnostics of equipment and removal of viruses.


    PC administration allows your company's employees to complete tasks on time and increase their productivity. A4 specialists quickly respond to malfunctions and fix problems in a short time. Stopping activities is minimized, due to this, the risks of losses become minimal. Since the employee will soon resume work and complete the necessary tasks.


    The service allows you to reduce the cost of a system administrator. You do not need to form a staff, pay salaries. You use our service and get stable and safe operation of equipment.

    The stable operation of devices has a positive effect on the efficiency of the enterprise. The staff is not distracted by breakdowns, you do not pay large sums for permanent repairs. All resources are directed to business development. This stability provides high-quality administration of the computer.

    Optimize your business with A4 PC Administration

    Since 1997, we have formed a team of true professionals. We have completed and continue to carry out many projects and works of varying complexity. During this time, our specialists have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills. Therefore, using our service you get the necessary resources to increase productivity. No need to waste energy on maintenance of equipment, A4 specialists will ensure stability in its operation.

    We know what your business needs

    A4-Hosting team of specialists will be happy to do all the work for you. Trust your business to professionals!

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