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  • Server Administration

    It is difficult to imagine a growing business without the use of technology, in particular data warehouses. Therefore, we suggest using the server administration service. Its main task is to provide you with the necessary resources for saving data and working with them. It is necessary to ensure quick access and constant operation of storage facilities. This contributes to the fact that the speed of solving problems increases. Each employee at the right time can view the necessary files, perform the required operations. Accelerates activities and information sharing, an unlimited number of specialists can work on one file.

    High-quality server administration requires certain skills and knowledge. By hiring an insufficiently competent employee, you may incur losses. Storages will malfunction, which will negatively affect the productivity of operations. The cost of constant technical work will not allow you to invest resources in the development of the enterprise. Therefore, you need a professional who has the necessary skills.

    TECH SUPPORT “Basic”

    Area of responsibility:

    • maintenance work
    • technical support channel
    • regular backup of all data
    • operational problem solving

    The motto of the tariff: “Not a day without technical support”

    This is a free tariff at which work is carried out to maintain the operability of a virtual server rented from our company. We promptly help clients to resolve issues related only to the server. To support individual servers, it is possible to connect additional tariffs with extended support both on an ongoing basis and on an hourly basis.


    Cost: Free



    Area of responsibility:

    • regular maintenance work
    • diagnostics and recommendations for improving server performance
    • typical optimization of server processes
    • work to improve the necessary software

    The motto of the tariff: “There will always be help”

    Our specialists constantly monitor the state of the server. Any assigned tasks are carried out promptly and with high quality. Server administration is billed monthly.

    Cost: 67 EUR/month


    Area of responsibility:

    • free task diagnostics
    • any tasks are performed
    • individual study of tasks
    • recommendations for improvement

    The motto of the tariff: “We can do anything”

    For one-time services, for example, to fix errors on the OS or software side, you can connect hourly server administration. The service is charged for 1 hour, the cost is preliminarily calculated on the basis of diagnostics. It is only necessary to grant access to administrative rights.


    Cost: 15 EUR/hour

    What is useful server administration from A4?


    Our specialists ensure the constant operation of the servers. If there are any problems, the system administrator quickly responds and troubleshoots. Depending on the violations, there will either not be a break, or the activity will be restored in a short time. The staff is not distracted by failures, but continues to work productively. Agree, it's quite convenient.


    Using this service you securely store information. Only company employees have access to it. If necessary, you can share access rights between employees depending on the duties and position. With the help of server administration, data is systematically copied. In this way, the loss of information becomes impossible.


    Many companies use business automation systems. And the number of such enterprises is constantly growing. This is not surprising, with the help of software products, the efficiency of activities is increased, the performance of many tasks is simplified, and accounting is correctly maintained. Therefore, the systems must work properly. We provide server administration for business automation systems. Since the configurations are complex, they are often modified, many operations are performed, various problems can occur. A4 specialists quickly identify and eliminate failures in the software product.


    It is also necessary to use up-to-date systems. This allows you to work in accordance with the law, and as a result, to avoid unforeseen costs. Therefore, the administration of business automation systems servers provides for regular updates of application solutions. This service helps you save money. There is no need to hire a staff who will service the servers, form separate rooms. Our system administrator carries out the necessary work and constantly monitors the health of storages.

    The stable operation of devices has a positive effect on the efficiency of the enterprise. The staff is not distracted by breakdowns, you do not pay large sums for permanent repairs. All resources are directed to business development. This stability provides high-quality administration of the computer.

    Server administration from A4 - profitable and reliable

    A4 company is a team of professionals. We have completed many projects and there are many more to come. We have specialists who know their business. Therefore, choosing us, you can not worry about the state of your storage, about the safety of data, but invest more resources in the development of the enterprise.

    Let’s highlight the benefits that this service provides:

    • Secure storage of information;
    • Regular copying of files;
    • Quick access to data;
    • Increasing the speed and productivity of activities;
    • Administration of business automation systems servers;
    • Work from anywhere in the world;
    • Saving money.

    Thanks to this service, you will be able to direct maximum resources to business development.

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