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  • Administration services from A4

    Our company provides administration services. Using them, you save money, optimize the organization of the workflow, store data securely, quickly solve problems with the functioning of software, servers and other computer equipment.

    It is difficult to imagine a company that does not work with various programs, applications, documents. All this requires certain conditions for uninterrupted operation, safe storage. This can be achieved with the help of cloud technologies. They, in turn, require maintenance, and software and application updates. Someone has to watch this. Therefore, A4 offers administration services. Specialists perform the necessary work so that you use the resources to complete the tasks. No need to spend large sums on equipment and staff. Using this service, your systems will work smoothly, and your information will be securely protected.

    PC Administration

    Server Administration

    Server optimization

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    As we said above, productive activity is possible when everything is working properly. The server on which the information is stored must be reliable. And the software is up to date and well configured. Our system administrator is working to ensure these conditions. If there is a problem on the server, then our specialist solves it in a short time. Due to this, activity resumes quickly. The storage facilities are also subject to regular security checks. Data is backed up systematically. Thus, the loss of information is excluded.

    Problems may arise in the operation of the automation system. The administrator eliminates them and keeps the software up to date. As a result, configurations are regularly updated, which allows you to work with new features and within the framework of current legislation. This way you minimize the risk of unexpected costs.

    Administration services provide work from anywhere in the world. This allows you to complete tasks faster. An employee can enter the database and carry out the necessary operations, no matter where he is located. These capabilities increase productivity and speed up the process of solving problems. There is no need to buy expensive equipment and equip special premises for it and the staff of specialists. We will ensure efficient operation on computers with low power. There is no need to spend on employees who will service the equipment, spend money on its repairs. Thus, you will save money that can be directed to business development.

    Why choose administration services from A4?

    We have been on the market since 1997, we are constantly developing and dealing with projects of varying complexity. Over the years, we have formed a team of professionals who perform their work at a high level. Therefore, choosing administration from A4, you get a quality service. The following advantages can be distinguished:

    Secure storage of information data

    Regular backups

    Working with current automation systems

    Fast troubleshooting

    Work from anywhere in the world and at any time

    Saving money

    We know what your business needs

    A4-Hosting team of specialists will be happy to do all the work for you. Trust your business to professionals!

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