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  • Cloud Solutions from a4

    Our company provides cloud solutions for business. Using this service from A4, you get a reliable tool for storing information, speed up the process of completing tasks, as well as convenience in working with files. With the help of this service, work with business automation systems is simplified.

    More and more companies are choosing to use a cloud solution. Any enterprise has various data, their number is constantly growing. The question arises where to store them? Cloud solutions for business are a tool for storing a large amount of information. Do not forget about safety as well. Loss of data, their theft can adversely affect the development of the enterprise, lead to loss of profit and unforeseen costs. Using cloud solutions you get rid of these problems. Such technologies allow you not to worry about the integrity of files. Because they are securely protected and inaccessible to intruders.

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    Why use cloud solutions?

    Technology can reduce storage maintenance costs. You can save files, work with them, and at the same time not spend large sums on this. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment, which, in light of the rapid development of technology, suits you very soon. Also, you do not need to create a special room and pay for its maintenance.

    In this way, you will concentrate on the fulfillment of important tasks and the development of the enterprise. The cloud solution provides quick access to files for all employees. Everyone can at any time go to the required document and perform the required operations. The presence of the Internet at the employee allows him to work from anywhere in the world. If there is a connection, tasks are performed regardless of the location of the staff. This option significantly increases productivity and speed of activity.

    We also provide a cloud solution for business automation systems. This also makes it possible to work with the program outside the office. Thus, managers, managers, and other employees of the enterprise receive the necessary information quickly and conveniently. You also don’t have to worry about the up-to-dateness of the software you are using. Cloud solutions allow you to work with the latest versions of the system.

    This service can be used by enterprises of any scale in various fields of activity. Cloud solutions for businesses are selected based on their needs.

    Services can serve different purposes:

    Systematic backup of information

    Setting up remote desktops

    Software development and testing

    Working with e-mail

    Saving apps for users

    Analysis of a large amount of data

    Cloud solution is a profitable way to optimize your business

    Using our services you will receive a reliable tool. It allows you to reduce costs, create conditions for convenient and fast work. You can direct more labor resources to perform tasks and develop the business. You don’t have to worry about data security. All information is securely protected. You can distribute access rights between employees depending on the position and tasks performed.

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