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  • How to choose the best hosting or server?

    Hosting is a service that provides server space or the server itself for storing data, programs, applications, sites, and other information projects on the network. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best hosting or server. In this article will help you deal with this issue.

    The right hosting provides round-the-clock access to your data, applications, website. The stability of the work ensures the productivity of your activity. If there are constant failures they must be eliminated, which takes time, and it has a negative impact on solving the problems. 

    Problems with hosting are problems with your business. Because you will not always be able to access data and perform the necessary operation. The speed of the server can be low, which will also lead to a drop in profits. Therefore, when you choose the optimal hosting you do not have to worry about it and do not spend extra money to ensure the health of the servers. 

    Какие бывают типы хостинга?

    Choose the best hosting will help to know what types it is. There are the following main types:

    • Virtual Hosting (Virtual Hosting, Shared-hosting);
    • Virtual Dedicated Server (Virtual Dedicated Server, VDS/Virtual Private Server, VPS);
    • Dedicated Server (DS).

    Let’s talk briefly about each of them.

    Virtual Hosting (Shared-hosting)

    The essence of this hosting is that the resources of a single server are shared between several users. On the pluses are low cost and ease of operation. The overall settings are made by the hosting company.

    The disadvantages – suitable for small organizations, limited resources, lack of stability. It is also the least secure type, because if one user gets hacked or infected with a virus, it can cause problems for everyone else.

    Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS/Virtual Private Server, VPS)

    This type is characterized by the fact that one physical server can be used to create several virtual machines. Each uses a separate client. The advantages are that each machine has its own operating system, a guaranteed amount of resources, the independence of machines from each other, the problems in one does not affect the rest. It is also possible for the user to install the necessary software.

    With the disadvantages – you need the services of a system administrator, because this hosting is difficult to administer.  

    Dedicated Server (DS).

    You will get a completely separate server. The company, which provides this type of company, monitors the state of the hardware. 

    Pros – the server is completely under your control and it has a high level of security.

    Disadvantages – high cost and complexity in setting up, the need to use the services of a system administrator.

    Which one to choose depends on the specific needs of your business and financial capabilities. Virtual hosting is suitable for small organizations, while a dedicated server for large projects with a large budget. 

    Choosing the best hosting

    Once you have decided on the type of hosting, you need to choose a hosting company. To do this, pay attention to the following characteristics:

    • Cost of services;
    • The parameters of tariff plans;
    • Availability of technical support;
    • Restrictions on the use of the service,
    • The presence of a test period, at the end of which a refund is provided.

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