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  • Rent a file server

    A file server is a computer that is designed to store a large number of files. Users access this data via their devices via a local network or the Internet. During operation, files are uploaded to or downloaded from the server. 

    The file server service saves space on devices. If an organization does not have this option, employees need to store data on their computers. As soon as a file server appears in the organization, it frees up space on the devices, and the necessary information is available to all at any time.

    Our company provides such a service. With its help, you can effectively share data, increase the security of storage. Our employees ensure the efficiency of the server, its reliability. Below we will consider in details what this service gives and why you should use it.

    Why do I need to rent a file service?


    Server for file storage allows to create conditions for remote access of employees to the necessary information

    Managed access

    With this service you can form separate storage areas for different structures of the enterprise and personnel


    The file server allows you to increase the security of data storage. For this purpose, antivirus software and a firewall are installed

    Depending on the specialization there are the following types of servers for file storage:

    Dedicated. Suitable for a single task – information storage. The necessary operating system is installed on the server, the administrator performs the necessary settings.

    Undedicated. In addition to data storage, this type is used for additional tasks, depending on the requirements of the enterprise. This can be Internet sharing, centralized launch of applications, etc. 

    Who is suitable for renting a file server?

    Company A4 provides this service for enterprises of different scale. Small and large organizations can use the service to optimize their activities. Depending on the size of the company and the tasks performed, storage of different volume is selected. 

    File server for a small organization does not require impressive power and storage capacity. In turn, for large enterprises need a more sophisticated solutions. Our specialists will help you choose the best storage for your company. We will consult you and, depending on your business needs, choose the appropriate solution. 

    Why choose file server services from A4?

    A4 company has been engaged in this service for many years. Thanks to our professional approach we can guarantee high quality server, coordinated and uninterrupted process. With us you will provide yourself:

    • Safety;
    • Operational decisions of issues that are associated with the work of the server;
    • Systematic copying of information;
    • Free maintenance work;
    • Secure channel for connecting;
    • Backup channel;
    • Connections without restrictions;
    • Modern equipment;
    • Connection of trade equipment and electronic reporting service programs.

    Order this service from us and develop your business. Please contact our specialists for detailed information. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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