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  • What are the myths about hosting?

    Myths arise around any phenomenon. This is how the brain tries to fill the gaps in knowledge about the subject. Information technology has become part of our lives relatively recently, so there are many misconceptions. Today let’s look at some myths about hosting.

    Lots of people and organizations use hosting services. It helps to store information securely, set up remote work, etc. In an effort to get the most out of it, users may look for a variety of tips. “Tipsters” online, either through ignorance or indifference, may spread untruthful information.

    Below we have described 10 of the most common misconceptions. Let’s find out where the deception lurks.

    The most common myths about hosting

    Why pay for hosting services when you can use free?

    It sounds great, no need to pay and still can benefit. And yet there are certain nuances of such a service. Granted to the user resources are limited, the simultaneous number of users is limited, there is no guarantee of faultless operation of the server and technical support. This will lead to the fact that the work will be slow with delays, which will not allow you to perform tasks on time or view the necessary information in time.

    Companies that provide free hosting, may insist on the placement of advertising on your site. It may not always coincide with the message of your company. You can not hide or delete ads. Hosters need to earn money.

    100% uptime.

    Achieving such a result is almost impossible. A good indicator is not less than 98%. There is no eternal data centers, processors and other parts have an expiration date, and no one is immune to errors. Periodically, it is necessary to carry out a system administrator’s work on servers.

    High rates of uptime are achieved by duplication. If one server stops working, instead of him begins to work another or others.

    Understand the hosting can only programmer

    Use hosting is becoming easier. Now you do not need to know the programming to get quality service. Even if you do not understand, good hosting company will advise and help you choose the best option.

    There are control panels, through which you can manage domain names, download applications, create accounts, work with e-mail, download site files, etc. There are quite a few such tools, you can choose the most convenient option.

    CMS, on which the site is made does not affect the choice of hosting

    This is partly true. But any CMS is designed for a particular type of site, programming language and compatibility with the database server. Herein lies the reason for the dependence of hosting on content management system.

    It is not safe to use shared hosting

    In the case of conventional hosting, multiple sites are hosted on a server. This means that resources are shared between users. If one has a security problem, it’s potentially a threat to others as well.

    VPS solves this problem. Virtual dedicated servers are isolated from each other. Problems of one user do not affect others. Virtual servers protect against viruses and conduct regular data backups.

    It is better to choose the hosting company in which the domain name is registered

    The myth is that this is not always the case. It is not necessary to use the hosting of the organization where the domain name is registered. Of course, there are companies that will qualitatively perform both services. But if the company does not meet your technical requirements, you need to find a host that can meet the needs.

    The more expensive, the better.

    Again, it is necessary to understand the high cost of services. A hosting company promises unlimited resources? To provide such a service and still receive a good income is almost impossible. You need to check how these resources are “unlimited” to find out if the technical support and backups for free in companies with high costs.

    In hosting, as elsewhere, in principle, it is better to focus on the value for money. So that the service satisfied the needs and did not cost a lot of money.

    Good hosting companies have only positive reviews.

    Do without the negative reviews is impossible. Whatever the quality of service will be dissatisfied customers. Each user has its own view of the provision of services and needs. Of course you can delete the negative comments, but this will not affect the level of service. If you find a few bad reviews can ask the client that he did not like, if possible.

    The organizations that provide hosting are the same.

    This is far from the truth. Each company has its own rate, free offers, bonuses, etc. Also, the technical support is different. The data centers are located in different places, the level of professionalism is different, the quality of technical support is different. When you look at the organizations in detail, you can find many differences.

    Site speed does not depend on the speed of the server

    Site speed is important for business. If it loads slowly, the customer can simply close the page. Of course, the speed of the resource affects a lot of factors, but the server should not be forgotten. If you do not go into details, the lower the server response time, the faster the site loads.

    Нужно остерегаться мифов о хостинге

    Заблуждения могут негативно сказаться на деятельности и на развитии бизнеса. Лучше проверять информацию, искать подтверждения тому или иному мнению. Хостинг – востребованная услуга, которая вместе с ростом популярности обрастает разными заблуждениями.

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