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  • What is a virtual server?

    Consider what a virtual server or VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) is. It is a service which allows you to store data, various applications. It contributes to the smooth operation of Internet resources and round-the-clock access to them. It is worth noting that there is no difference between VPS and VDS, it is the same service.

    To use the virtual dedicated server can be the same as the usual. The difference is that the physical server is a lot of virtual. In this case you get the necessary resources to perform tasks. Proper work of storages and optimization of any programs is ensured. The service allows you to increase the security of data storage and applications.

    Using a virtual server, you can install and uninstall software and various files. You manage your data to maximize your business needs. This service can help you save money.

    What is a virtual server and how is it formed?

    Several virtual machines are created on the physical server. Each of them is a separate storage. It is this kind of machine that is provided to users. Each dedicated server has separate administration. They are independent of each other, and do not have access to each other. Your files are managed by you.

    This service can be used in two ways. The first – there is no technical support from experts, the second – the state and work of the servers are handled by the appropriate employees. If you refuse the services of experts, then you are responsible for the functioning of the storage. Such a variant is suitable for professionals in the field of administration, or for amateurs with a great desire to understand everything on their own.

    The second option suits those who are not familiar with this area. If you start a project, a lot of different tasks, and you do not want to be distracted by technical aspects in the work of the virtual server, go to the professionals. They perform the necessary operations and monitor the condition of the storage. The cost of their services depends on the power of the server and the amount of work.

    Concluding what a virtual server is

    A virtual dedicated server is a virtual machine on a physical server. It allows you to get the necessary resources to store files, applications, software and perform the necessary operations with them. They come in different capacities, you can choose the one that best meets the needs of the company for a reasonable price.

    In terms of money, a virtual server allows you to save. Physical storage will cost considerably more. Also, you need to allocate a separate room for servers and hire specialists who will monitor their condition. If you use a virtual server, none of these things need to be done. For example, if you rent a server from us, our staff does all the necessary work for the proper functioning of the storage.

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