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  • What is hosting, in simple words

    In this article let’s understand what hosting is. In simple words we will describe why it is used, who uses it and whether it is necessary. Hosting is a service with which you can meet various needs in terms of data storage and security.

    When we go to a website, we see various pictures, texts, videos and other data. They are stored somewhere and then displayed on the page. What serves as storage? The answer is the server. This is the computer where the content of the site resides, in this case.

    A server can be used to store various data, not only within websites, but also for various applications that we need in our work. So what is hosting? It is a service that consists in renting space on the server. Let’s understand in detail why it is used and what its types are.

    Why do I need hosting?

    This service is used to store information, access it around the clock, and maintain its security. Companies that provide the service are called hosting providers or hosts. Their task is to provide constant access to data and reliable protection.

    As part of automation systems, the service allows you to speed up and secure the work. The program is located on the server, access to it around the clock and from anywhere in the world. Only those who have access rights can enter the system. This allows employees and managers to quickly view the necessary documents and perform various operations.

    Hosting can provide mail or other applications for communication. For work it is convenient, because employees can quickly share files, necessary messages and quickly solve problems. For websites, the service ensures their continuous operation.

    What types of hosting are there?

    The answer to this question will not fit within the framework of this article. Therefore, we will briefly describe the main types of hosting, their disadvantages and advantages. There are 5 main types of the specified service:

    • Virtual hosting (Virtual Hosting, Shared-hosting) – suitable mainly for the websites. Computing power and server space is shared between a large number of users. The cheapest type, but at the same time the most unprotected;
    • Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS / Virtual Private Server, VPS) – Each part of the server is separated into a separate virtual machine for each user. Therefore, the client has access only to his “area”. User is guaranteed all the resources of the virtual machine. The disadvantages are the need for system administrator services and relatively low security due to the “neighborhood” of machines;
    • Dedicated Server (DS) – Each client is given a separate remote server. The user has full control over it. It is characterized by high security but is expensive. Complicated to configure and requires special skills;
    • Colocation – similar to the previous one, the hoster provides the client with a special room and Internet access, the user has his own equipment. Also secure, relatively expensive and difficult to configure;
    • Cloud-hosting (Cloud-hosting) – the information is stored in the cloud. With the advantages – you can increase the resources as needed.

    So, what is hosting and why use it?

    Hosting – the service, which is to rent space on the server. Provides around-the-clock access to data, applications and storage security. With the help of this service is optimized the work of the site, business automation systems, etc. What kind is better to say unequivocally, it all depends on the hosting provider and the needs of the client. If you are interested in hosting, please contact the specialists of our company. We will be glad to answer your questions!

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