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  • Why Choose SSD Hosting?

    Solid State Drives (SSDs) are becoming increasingly popular. Hosting companies increasingly prefer them over hard disk drives (HDDs). Today we will analyze why it is worth choosing SSD hosting.

    SSDs have been gaining popularity since 2009. At the heart of their work is the technology of NAND-Flash-memory, the principle of functioning is similar to the RAM chips or flash drives. Unlike hard drives they do not have any rotating parts. Digital information is stored in binary files and not stored by electromagnetic recording. This allows SSDs to read and write data faster during transfer.

    Speed has a positive impact on an organization’s operations. If access to data, applications, and programs is faster, work gets done faster. When productivity increases, so does profitability. This ensures that the business thrives and grows.

    Reasons to choose SSD hosting

    Using SSD-hosting gives the opportunity to increase the speed of data processing. VPS users often save money, so they use hard disks, but since their speed is 20 times lower on average, there are no more advantages apart from savings. HDDs are often overloaded, so there is a high likelihood of outages.

    SSDs are much more resistant to stress. Working with them you will not face frequent failures. Which is good for the activity, and employees can solve tasks with peace of mind.

    SSDs have high data reading and writing speeds. On average – 500 MB / s, for some types of such drives it can reach rates of 3500/2100 MB / s and more. Therefore, SSD hosting is characterized by performance. Thus, applications and programs will work better. As a consequence, the productivity of activities will increase, operations are performed correctly and quickly.

    SSDs consume less electricity than hard drives, which can save money over time. On average, an SSD, with no load, consumes 0.38Wh, while reading requires 0.68Wh, during database processing 2Wh, and writing at top speed requires 3.01Wh.

    These figures are 2.5 to 7 times less in intensive operation and 15 times less in standby mode than in similar hard drive states.

    SSD hosting is also more reliable. As we said above, hard drives have moving parts, so they fail more often. There are no such elements in SSDs, so they can last up to 20 years. But they are being replaced more frequently to keep up with updating technology standards. The disadvantage of SSDs is the tunnel effect, which leads to errors in data recording.

    SSD hosting helps optimize operations

    High work speed and productivity allows you to solve more tasks. Thus the productivity and profitability of the activity increases. Which gives the opportunity to develop the business. The following advantages of SSD hosting can be highlighted:

    • High speed of operation;
    • High performance,
    • Durability and reliability;
    • Low power consumption.

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